Santa Cruz Peacetrain​
      A journey of Kindness
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                   Follow Your Heart Action Network is ​​An Award Winning Non Profit Organization​

Follow Your heart action Network is a registered 501-c3 award winning non-profit, directed by Curtis Reliford. These journeys of kindness...delivering food, clothing and building materials to the nation's poorest people in need have continued since 2005.

We take our Peace Train truck full of offerings and go direct to families, in ghettos, slums, reservations and disaster areas. We also help in the local Santa Cruz area, offering needed donations to migrant farmworkers.​ Please donate to our Grassroots Truck Drive if you are able, by using the Gofundme link at the top of this page. Thank you for supporting this Journey of Kindness and caring from your heart to help this nations poorest peoples in need. 

                                     Hurricane Katrina inspired this Journey of Kindness